What you’ll learn:

Level 1

Our course begins by explaining your role on a team and your responsibilities. You’ll learn about working on a two-rope system, how to inspect and use your gear properly, and basic theory regarding MBS and SWL, angle loading and mechanical advantage. You’ll also learn basic maneuvers such as:

  • Ascending and descending
  • Rope transfers
  • Passing mid-rope obstructions
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • Horizontal movement
  • Simple rigging systems

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Level 2

This course builds on your level 1 skills and is designed to prepare you for a leadership role within the team. Techniques include rigging and transport systems, advanced rescues, and theory. Yes, there is math involved, but it’s not too complicated. You’ll spend your week learning these techniques:

  • Intermediate rigging of rope systems
  • Hauling loads while suspended
  • Advanced rescue techniques
  • Moving loads along horizontal and vertical planes
  • Simple, compound, and complex mechanical advantage systems


  • 500 hours and 6 months of experience at Level 1 certification

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Level 3

Proper supervision is key to a safe and successful job. This course is designed to develop your knowledge of planning your work and safely completing your tasks. You’ll build upon the skills learned at the lower levels while learning more about how to lead a team. You’ll rely on your experience as you acquire new skills such as:

  • Job planning
  • Advanced rescue techniques
  • Tensioned rope systems
  • Equipment inspection and maintenance


  • 500 hours and 6 months of experience at Level 2 certification

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More About SPART

The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT®) is a United States-based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the safe development of industrial rope access standards. SPRAT supports companies and technicians using rope access in a variety of ways, including certification programs, regulatory support, and networking. Membership in the organization is open to any company or individual that uses rope access.

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