What’s the State of Your Rope Access Equipment?

gearSTATE is specifically tailored to the needs of the Rope Access Industry. Developed by AccessRULES, it is a condition and location monitoring solution for rope access equipment.

Your equipment is important and tracking its’ condition and usage is not only good practice, it is a requirement under both SPRAT and IRATA guidelines. gearSTATE does both, and does them well.

gearSTATE is intuitive; your learning curve is small by design. Better still, users have access to gearSTATE information at anytime from any computer, tablet or smart phone with a web browser; there is no software to install.

Manage Equipment

  • Identify the state of your equipment:
    • Quarantine
    • Warehouse
    • On Job (Assigned)
    • Removed from Service
    • Destroyed
    • Lost
  • Use the manufacturer serial number and/or your own serialization
  • Assign a manufacturer to a specific model of equipment
  • Ability to define Critical Access Equipment
  • Assign equipment to a geographical office location or region
  • Robust search feature
  • Designate Competent Inspectors
  • Register Equipment Users
  • Assign Equipment to Employees
  • Assign Equipment to Jobs
  • Manifest equipment assigned to job or employee

Inspect Equipment

  • Inspection of equipment based upon:
    • Single piece
    • Multiple pieces or
    • Entire model
  • Define custom criteria for equipment inspections
  • Ability to fail or retire gear. Failed gear can be repaired; retired gear is destroyed
  • Inspection reminders based upon 30 days, 14 days and Due Now intervals
  • Flexibility to capture intermediate inspections
  • Adaptive criteria for equipment model inspections
  • Print complete lifetime history of any piece of gear
  • Inspection reminders based upon 30 days, 14 days and Due Now intervals
  • Lost equipment reporting
  • Web based solution; no software to install
  • Data is secure and only accessed by authorized personnel
  • Data entry is simplified by use of logical entry screens
  • Save time and money on equipment management

Regain Control of Your Equipment

The history of your equipment’s life cycle is unbroken through the implementation of gearSTATE. Hold points are automatically applied to gear as it makes its’ way through the use, inspection and storage cycle, making it easy and efficient to document the activity of each piece and saving you time and money while improving the accuracy of your inventory gearSTATE users have the option for new gear, purchased from AcccessRULES, to arrive at their warehouse with the equipment information already entered into gearSTATE.

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